September 2017…

Where there are tiny takeout joints nestled within a strip mall or convenience stores that sell the essentials and then some, there is good food to be had, says longtime Toronto food writer Suresh Doss.

Between over a decade of food writing and regular food tours in the Greater Toronto Area, Doss knows the ins and outs of good eats in the 'burbs and beyond.

This week, Doss debuts a weekly segment on CBC Radio's Metro Morning. Every Thursday, he will introduce a restaurant, takeout counter or convenience store with great food and a backstory to dish up.

"We're talking about places that are not your 'typical' restaurants," Doss said. "They offer food that reminds people of life back home. They're often times the best places to get good food."

Get to know Doss, your new food guide.

Episode Guide (map for reference)